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5 Easy Tips to Boost Community Engagement

It can be challenging to stimulate members to participate in your community. No matter your level of community engagement, here are 5 tips you can apply to improve engagement and stimulate members to interact more.

Be responsive

As a community manager it is important to be active yourself, and try to consistently react and comment on your members’ content. A community is based on interaction.

Members will feel awesomely satisfied when they see the community manager is interacting with their content. Feeling understood and encouraged increases trust and will lead to more content. It will also stimulate others to do the same.

Welcome new members using tags

This is a crucial step in hosting a community. If you’re using Bisner’s community platform you can personalize your welcome message to your new members. Most communities use this first contact moment to explain what their members can expect, the purpose of the community and of course to thank them for joining.

Sending this welcome message will only be read by the new member, but nobody in the community will know a new member has joined.

An extra valuable step to encourage collaborations and interaction between members is to introduce them to the rest of the community. Share a post weekly, or monthly in the newsfeed and tag all new members that have joined including some of their skills, what they do, what their interests are. Make sure to check that these members are fully onboarded to your community so they can interact with this message.

Make it easy and quick to interact

At first instance, for this tip you need to ask questions and feedback. Get to know your members, learn what gets them more engaging and use this to create more relevant content for your community.  

When asking for feedback or just a question, make it easy for members to interact. A simple like is already something. But try challenging your audience to interact with comments.
For example: ask them to like or on the other hand comment if their answer is yes or no, a or b. Or just offer options where they can quickly reply with a word.  

It is a great simple trick that works to encourage members to participate. Besides, our native mobile app is available in the stores and members can now easily interact 24/7, from anywhere. Can it be easier?

Ask members to share their experience/knowledge on interesting topics

You’ll want members to share content as well. User-generated content offers variety to the community content. Besides, it encourages members to interact with each other and build strong relationships.

Ask members directly if they would like to share interesting thoughts, or tips on how they are dealing with the current situation, for example. Find out what your community is interested in and get help from members to share valuable content.

Reach them through emotions

Make sure the content in your community is not always related to selling, or marketing. Adding some funny quotes, images or even GIF’s can brighten up someone’s day.

GIF’s can be really funny and interactive. Go to and save yours as an image. Add your GIF to your post in Bisner and try it out! Believe us, trying different engagement strategies will be a great step into the right direction for your community.

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