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Benefits of a Powerful Intranet Solution

An engaged employee is an employee who is enthusiastic and excited about their work and their role in your company. They positively interact with their coworkers and managers and enjoy doing their job.

A social intranet can help you increase your employee engagement and positively impact those who are less enthusiastic. Read here how a social intranet makes your company more powerful.

1. It lets everyone understand your company’s vision

A social intranet is the easiest way to get everyone on the same page as to what your company’s vision is. It helps everyone understand exactly where you’re going and what your goals are by giving you a central platform for your employees to communicate, rather than trying to inform them individually.

Because it allows employees to clearly see the direction your company is going (and the entire vision surrounding that) they can gauge whether or not certain actions are appropriate and in line with your company’s vision.

A clear vision is what keeps people motivated and an intranet is an easy place for them to find the answers and understand it.

2. It makes measuring your engagement KPIs easy

When you have a social intranet where everyone in your company is connected to, you can measure your engagement KPIs so much easier than otherwise. Without it you can only track engagement based on random interactions you happen to see going on within your company.

Because it’s easier to track engagement, a social intranet lets you quickly zero in on the weak spots in your community so you know where to focus your resources.

3. It creates a sense of belonging

While independence is a good thing, nobody wants to feel as if they’re entirely independent as an employee. They want to feel as if they belong somewhere.

They want to feel as if they’re working for a common goal with other people. They want to feel connected and needed.

A social intranet is the best way to get your employees to feel that way about your business, because it gives them a central platform to connect, rather than feeling isolated. When people are connected, they enjoy their work so much more than otherwise. They feel enthusiastic about coming in on Monday morning to interact with their coworkers and complete important tasks.

Instead of constantly thinking about a better place for them to work, they’ll be thinking about how they can perform better every day.

Do you want to know more ways how a social intranet can make your company more powerful? Keep an eye on our social media to stay tuned on part two.

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