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Facilitate Service Maintenance Reporting

We’ve got good news!

The Service Request feature is now available in our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Enable your members to quickly report service/maintenance request while they are in your building. Members can now submit requests easy, fast and on the spot using the Bisner mobile app.

Offer your members an efficient reporting tool where they can report requests without losing focus on their own work and priorities. Boost productivity and improve the member experience in your workplace.

Members can manage their own requests and directly see the status of their request and follow the progress.

Not only your members benefit from this new addition, but also you and your staff. You can manage the requests that are assigned to them, update requests on the go and can comment directly on the request if you need any additional information from your member regarding the request.

As an administrator, you are owner of your platform and can manage all variables in our feature to customize the structure of a service request. Determine what you want your members to submit in their request and what the options are:

- Title and description

- Enable categories and manage the category options  

- Enable types and manage the type options  

- Enable locations and manage the different locations and/or allow for a location description  

- Enable priorities and manage the priority options  

- Allow members to add images

This feature includes a search engine and sort functionality that allows you and members to find the requests you are looking for. Search on keywords and see if a similar issue has been reported already, and how often it has been reported. Also filters can be applied to narrow your search.

In conclusion, the service/maintenance request feature helps you organize your workflow around the member requests. Moreover, the mobile app feature empowers you, your staff and members to be productive, efficient and stay on the loop of the progress of the requests from wherever you are.

How to get to your community’s service/maintenance request

This feature is only accessible for you if your community has enabled this module. Go to the Bisner App, login with your community login credentials and tab ☰ on the left top corner and click on your community’s service request.

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