Get your Workplace Safe and Ready for the Reopening

Get your Workplace Safe and Ready for the Reopening

Preparing your workplace for the return of your members and employees will be one of the biggest challenges for businesses worldwide in the real estate industry.

In order to prevent the spreading of the virus, physical distancing has been an essential and needed measure. A lot of businesses depend on a physical environment to perform their daily operations but nonetheless they have managed to adopted new ways of working, such as remote work to maintain their business running.  

Workplaces have been empty for the last couple of weeks and are now facing the question: How to prepare the workplace for the return of my members and employees? The top priority of the workplace management is to make the environment safe for people to return, while also adhering to the physical distancing measure. It requires workplaces to be flexible and resourceful.

Safety First

Where before you had cleaning planned every two days or on a weekly basis, now that is not enough to meet the current (new) standard of cleanliness. You may have noticed that there is a desire for more frequent disinfection, compared to pre-pandemic times.

A clean and safe environment doesn’t only include clean and disinfected surfaces, but also a clean fresh air. A high quality of fresh air can help you lower the risk of virus outbreaks. Therefore, it is important to double check if your HVAC systems are working properly and research possibilities to improve these.  

Besides the above, there are many other ways to make your workplace safer, such as placing touchless hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, a safety protocol, redesigning and adding visual tools to your workplace to maintain distance between the members.

Phased Approach for Return to Workplace

Real estate owners will face the question regarding the density of their workplaces. The same space where the maximum capacity used to be 200 people, for instance, will now have to reduce its daily capacity.  

You may want to consider taking a phased approach on getting your members and employees back to the workplace. Make sure your members and employees don’t come all at once, but instead try to regulate and control the return the workplace and do this step by step.  

This way you’ll avoid overcrowding your space and reduce risks of transmission. Moreover, it will safeguard the health of your members and employees and will give them the confidence that it is safe to return to your workplace.

Technology is Key

The use of technology will help you and your staff get ready for the reopening of your workplace.  

Promote physical distancing with occupancy limits and use the Bisner Booking tool to manage your workplace. Keep track of who wants to come at the office and use your space and get a hold of the people that you can expect to be in your workplace. Plus, knowing who has been in your space and where, allows you to adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly.

Give your members and employees the ability to report unsanitary conditions, request cleaning or when hygienic products ran out. Enable the Service Request functionality and learn how fast these reports are being solved.  

Reach out to your community and make them feel safe by communicating about safe and health policies, important updates, hygiene tips and more. Our communication functionalities (newsfeed and chat) enables you to efficiently communicate with your members.  

If you’re using Bisner and need help configuring or setting up your platform to make it ready for reopening, don’t hesitate to send us an email to And if you’re not a Bisner customer, you can always reach out to us or directly schedule your personal demo for your free 14-day trial by filling in your email address in the form below.

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