Get your Workplace Safe and Ready for the Reopening

Go Virtual with Your Coworking Space

We are currently living and working in unprecedented times and a lot of countries have asked and even ordered their citizens to stay at home. While these drastic measures are absolutely necessary, it has a huge impact on businesses and how people work, collaborate and communicate.

From the beginning, Bisner’s mission is to bring together like-minded people in a private, trusted online environment in order to empower communication, collaboration and valuable relationships. Our mission hasn’t changed and we encourage real estate owners and space owners to reach out to us so we can make an impact together!

Community engagement

We have noticed that members are more active in their communities, compared to last year. Since members are not allowed to leave their homes, they are looking for alternative ways to keep in touch and continue to collaborate remotely. They achieve this by using a community platform such as Bisner to centralize communication, enable collaboration, share information and ideas, organize online events, and more.

Ideal elements for virtual coworking

Check out how you can turn your coworking space into a virtual coworking space and retain as many members as possible.

1. Get your members an online community platform where they can come together (virtually)

2.  Make sure your members fill in their profile so others can get to know them

3.  Transition from physical, offline events into valuable and interactive virtual events

4.  Use a centralized event calendar so everyone knows when interesting virtual events are taking place

5. Create and organize (sub)groups for different topics and collaboratory purposes

6.  Members can chat with each other for easier collaboration

7. Mobile app for easier and quicker reach to your community and other members

Bisner is as flexible as you want it to be and you can customize your virtual coworking platform however works best for you and your members, including your logo and brand colors.

An enormous advantage of using our community platform is that you can easily enable other useful coworking features you can continue to use when you open your space again.

All-in-one community platform