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Stimulate Engagement

We can definitely say we're an All-in-One community platform!

Stimulate engagement within your community with Bisner’s new chat functionalities. Keep your members always connected no matter where they are.

We released these two new chat options for both Web and our native Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).

Enabling the chat within your community facilitates communication with and between your members. There is no reason for your members to leave the community, as they can directly contact whoever they need to instantly with the Bisner Chat.

Another advantage is that it makes your life and your members’ much easier. Forget about switching apps to contact someone, or exchanging phone numbers/ email addresses.


Instant messaging between members to facilitate communication and collaboration within the community.

Service Chat Functionalities

Provide an option for members to the platform admin directly.  Configure an automated first message and add quick replies for your team to be able to reply fast to frequently asked questions.

Read more elaborate explanations and instructions on these new functionalities in our Help Center.

All-in-one community platform