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The Beginning of a New Story

We have made some changes to our community platform to better serve your needs. The goal of these changes is to provide you with a faster and easier way to build your community, where you can, at the same time, manage everything that comes with it. With Bisner, you can manage your rooms, items, services, members, groups.

The biggest change to our platform is the structure. Bisner has developed separate modules that can be activated when needed. This allows our customers to create their platform, with their own set of modules. This does not mean you are stuck with these modules forever. Bisner is flexible in such a way, that whenever you and/or your community grow, your platform grows with you.

In addition to that, our platform gathers data from your whole community to provide you with accurate and deep insights. This data enables you to study your community and know where you can improve to actively engage your members.

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