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All features you need for an engaging community

Instantly share news and info with your whole community on one activity feed and encourage member engagement with right tool.

Engage your community

Increase community engagement and connect everyone in one centralized online environment.


Share messages, links, files, images and video's on the main activity feed to reach the whole community.

Likes and comments

Like and comment on posts to activate engagement within your community.

Mention/tag others

Ensure interaction and engagement by mentioning specific members in a post.

Push notifications

Send out push notifications to make sure members don't miss out on important updates.

Follow posts

Members can follow interesting posts to get notified about responses to that specific post.

Pin important messages

Pin posts at the top of the feed and make sure members don't miss out on events and updates.

Measure engagement

Configure your community platform and learn more about the member engagement with useful insights.

Notification settings

Turn on/off notifications on new posts, and/or new comments on posts.

Roles and permissions

Determine the newsfeed permissions of each members, based on their role.

Overview community engagement

Get important insights on how your community's engagement is evolving and changing over time.

Number of posts

See how many posts have been shared in a specific period of time.

Number of likes

See how many likes have been given by members in your community in a specific period.

All-in-one community platform