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All the features you need to effectively manage your events.

All events in one centralized calendar. Everyone has instant access so they know exactly what’s going on, when it’s happening, and how it will benefit them.

Event management

Keep members updated on upcoming events and manage your events like a pro.


Provide a detailed description about the event and personalize the events page with a header.

Announce and promote your event

Reach more members by promoting your event on the community feed, through push and email notifications.

Feed in events

An event feed where new updates on the event can be posted or ask attendees for feedback.

Add images to your events

Upload images of the event to attract more members.

Visibility of event

Make the event visible for other community members when you are all set and done with the preparations.


Members can RSVP, so you are in the know who will be attending.

One community agenda

The go to place to find all the community events.

All events in one place

Your members can see all upcoming and past events in one overview.

Attend events

Members can click ‘Attend event’ to let the organizer know they’re going to be there.

Role and permissions

Give each role specific permissions related to the events module.

Search for specific events

Search engine is available to find specific events on specific dates.

Create categories

Add categories for event organizers to choose from to nicely organize the events.

Personalize the events page

Use your own header and icon images to personalize the events page of your community.

All-in-one community platform