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All the features you need to efficiently collaborate

Increase value of your community and unleash the power of strong collaborations and knowledge sharing with dedicated interest groups.

Efficient discussions

A great way for your community members to gather and collaborate privately, without spamming others in the community.

Push notifications

All members who are part of the group, will receive push notifications on new updates.


Add categories to organize the groups based on different criteria that help you find it more easily.


Divide groups into subgroups to create specific feeds which are dedicated for other themes or purposes.


Enable members to filter the group feed with based on content shared by specific members.


Use hashtags to make it easy for members to find related posts.

All groups in one overview

A clear list of all the community groups, where you can easily search for groups you're interested in.

Settings and Configurations

The flexibility of Bisner allows you to configure the Interest Groups feature and the groups individually according to the specific needs of your community.

Open, closed and private

Create groups with different privacy levels depending on the purpose, stakeholders and confidentiality.

Personalized feed

Enable the main group feed to collectively display all subgroup posts.


Make sure members find the groups that match their interests and needs using tags.

Roles & Permissions

Give admins, members and guests different set of permissions to have full control over the groups.

All-in-one community platform