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All the features you need to find and connect with everyone.

No matter where you are, with the Member and Company directory you can find anyone in your community from one simple, visual overview.

Connect everyone

Facilitate and encourage meaningful relationships between members and make sure they can find the right people to connect with.

Rich profile

Members can fill on their profile with personal information, as well as social media profiles and additional custom fields.

Add your skills

Add skills and specific interests on member profiles to make it easy for others to find the right person to collaborate with.

Search for other members

Easily search for other members in the community based on their personal information or skills.

Companies directory

Enable companies to share details about their business and quickly connect with each other by seeing every member and company listed in one place.

Personalize your company profile

Allow company owners to personalize the company’s profile with description, logo and header image.

Rich company profile

Detailed company profile with description field, industry and social media profiles.

Easily manage your team

Add and remove members when they’re no longer part of your team.

Create industries

Add industries to your list so that company owners can use them in their profiles.

All-in-one community platform