Get your Workplace Safe and Ready for the Reopening

All the features you need to offer the best service.

Connect your place with your people and deliver the ultimate support and experience in and around your building.

Seamless experience

Provide your members an easy and simple way to submit a service request when they need your assistance and ensure your team can take care of it efficiently.

Fully customizable

Determine the specific request fields and receive the information you want to capture in order to resolve an issue quickly.

Create your own maintenance administration

You can add status, categories and request types that work best with your company’s processes.

Assign tickets

Assign tickets to specific departments or team members so you can easily track and view of who does what.

Clear overview of all tickets

Visibility of all service requests at a glance, a quick and clear overview of submitted, pending and closed tickets.

Search, filter and sort tickets

Apply filters to sort tickets per status, category and/or type to create a specific overview for your own organization.


Get notified when new tickets are submitted so you can take care of it as soon as it comes in.

Comment on tickets

Useful comment section for each ticket to keep the organization up to date regarding the status and progress.


Download insightful reports to learn more about the type of requests and the performance of your teams.

All-in-one community platform