Desk Booking

Smooth and careless return to the office

Keep your workplace safe and easily manageable with Bisner. Our software empowers to stay in full control of your workplace and keep your employees safe.
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Smart and flexible desk booking management

In today’s dynamic working environment managing your workplace has become more challenging. With Bisner Desk Booking we make everything easier, simpler and efficient resulting in a productive day at the office.

Desk Booking

Reopen your office safely and more efficiently

Bisner helps you reopen your office safely and more efficiently and gives you and your employees the freedom and flexibility to book a spot that meets your needs.
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Desk Booking

All the necessary tools to continuously grow and innovate the workplace

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Book a desk from any device

Bisner is available for desktop and mobile, allowing employees to check the desks availability from anywhere.

Self-serviced desk booking

Employees can autonomously book and manage their own reservations. From booking to check-in all by themselves.

Floor map

Find and book the right desk for your day at the office and get an overview of all the available desks.

Book a desk in advance

Offer employees the flexibility to schedule their day at the office in advance.

Optimize your office’s resources

Learn and understand patterns in desk usage and adapt, to get the most out of your office space.

Controlled office density

Track the availability of your office space and who is in the building to have control over the occupancy rate.

Desk availability using status

Ensure a safe distance between employees by blocking desks too close to each other by using status.

Wide range permissions

Setup different rules and permissions for an optimized and efficient utilization of the office space.