Meeting Room Booking

Simple and Flexible Meeting Room Booking

Bisner makes room booking smart and simple for a better workplace experience without compromising the productivity of your employees.
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From traditional to flexible offices

Bisner supports workplaces adapt and grow towards a flexible and dynamic setting. Our solution facilitates a seamless meeting room booking experience for your employees.

Meeting Room Booking

Build a smart and efficient workplace

Coordinate and organise your workplace efficiently so everyone knows where they need to be without obstructing others in the office.
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Integrates with tools you are already working with

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Meeting Room Booking Analytics

Optimized Workplace Resources

Get a clear understanding of space usage and make better decisions to effectively improve space efficiency, reallocate your resources and reduce costs.
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Bisner's Meeting Room Booking

All the necessary tools and integrations to adopt the perfect workplace solution

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Manage reservations

Everyone can stay on top of their own reservations and manage easily from the palm of their hands.

Easy setup and onboarding

Your booking platform is setup and ready to be implemented in no time by our customer support.

Self-service oriented

Offer users the autonomy to book a room of their choice and manage their own reservations.

Intuitive Booking

Easy, simple and efficient booking process that works for everyone in the workplace.

Integrations with tools you use

Connect Bisner with your Google or Outlook calendar for a seamless booking experience.

Improved meeting experience

Prevent meetings from being interrupted and increase the productivity of meetings.

Guest bookings

Allow guest to book certain meeting rooms without giving them access to all the office resources.

Push notifications

Receive confirmations and reminders directly on your mobile device and don't miss any of your meetings.