Meeting Room Display

Modernize your workplace with schedules at the door

Give your workplace a professional and organized glance and offer your employees the flexibility to reserve a room instantly with a simple tab on the screen.
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Integrates with tools you are already working with

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Free up unused rooms

Enable check-ins to prevent meeting rooms from remaining unused if someone doesn't show up to their meeting.

Eliminate double bookings

No more confusions about meeting rooms and conflicting reservations with a Bisner's room booking software.

Space optimisation

Enable members to end reservations when their meeting ended earlier to make it directly available for others to use it.

Real-time updates on the display

Everyone knows what to expect when approaching a meeting room as the displays show the availability and schedule.

Meeting Room Display

Ensure a safe distance between meetings

The display's color indicates the availability of the room and everyone in the building knows whether there are people in the room or is free to enter safeguarding the physical distancing measure.
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