Visitor Management

Make your office a pleasant and safe place to visit

Welcome your visitors with our easy yet sophisticated visitor management software and safeguard their health and that of your employees.
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Save valuable time and effort

Ease the pressure on your front desk reception and delight your visitors with a fast and safe check-in process.

Visitor Management

Ensure a safe return to the office

With Bisner’s visitor management solution you can ensure a safe, efficient and productive workplace when returning to the office.
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Safety and health as your top priority

With Bisner's Visitor Management you can safeguard the health and safety of your guests and employees. Every guest is registered in one centralized overview and with the status you'll always know who is in and who went out.

Visitor Management

Optimize your workplace's resources and make it cost and time efficient

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Reduce contact at the front desk

Pre-register visitors, reduce contact at the front desk and fasten the check-in process.

Push Notifications

Hosts receive an instant notification when their guest has arrived and checked-in.

Touchless check-in

Let your visitors check-in with their unique QR code and reduce contact moments.

Centralized Management

Manage visits across multiple locations and seamlessly integrate them into your tech and ecosystems.

Visitor overview

Full control over your visits from one clear overview where you can see who is expected today and by whom.


Track guest and employee attendance to adjust and improve the workplace efficiency.

Register a visitor from anywhere

Register guests anywhere at any time. Whether you are in the office, or at home.

Professional and efficient

Receive guests with an iPad or tablet where they can register or check-in autonomously reducing waiting time.