We make work life easy, flexible and successful.

It’s who we are and at the core of everything we do.

Our mission is to create better workdays.

Our mission is simple, we want to improve the workday. We believe better workdays lead to happier people and more successful companies.

What we do.

90,000 hours.
That’s the average amount of time a person will work in their lifetime. At Bisner, we create technological solutions to get the most out of this time, both in terms of work satisfaction and productivity.
How we do it.
We develop technology that helps create more flexible, dynamic and connected workplaces. Our solutions focus on modernising work practices, providing autonomy and making management simple. In a nutshell, we help improve your workday.
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Our values.

At Bisner, our values act as our foundation. We believe that a strong foundation is integral to creating and offering the best products and services possible.


Always being transparent, honest and building trusting relationships with both our team and our customers.


Striving to continuously grow our knowledge and products, as well as help our customers succeed.


Creating customisable products, thinking outside the box and offering flexibility to our team.

Our team.

Our team leads by example! With colleagues all over the world, we know firsthand the benefits of a more flexible and dynamic workplace.

The work-life balance and satisfaction of our team is crucial to us. Why? Because we believe that in order to improve your workday, we need to get the most out of ours.
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