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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

We create technology solutions to empower your workplace and community.

Take your workplace and community to the next level. Discover how to improve productivity and support your company’s growth.

Bisner Workplace

The most user-friendly and smart workplace application.
An all-in-one solution helping workplaces stay organised and become more flexible.

Bisner Community

A centralised platform that helps build powerful and connected communities. Facilitates meaningful collaboration, knowledge sharing and relationship building.
Desiree van den Witteboer
Lady of the House

“We are very happy with Bisner, because they offer an All-in-One solution for managing both our community and workspace. It is flexible and easy-to-use.’’

We make work life easy, flexible and successful

Our mission is simple, we want to improve the workday. Why? Because we believe better workdays lead to happier people and more successful companies.
But how? In a nutshell, we focus on developing technology-based solutions that support the workplace and empower individuals.

We strive to make your work-life as easy, flexible and successful as possible!
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