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Bisner rewarded accreditation against the SBC

January 5, 2023
ROTTERDAM AND AMSTERDAM - 5th January, 2023 - Bisner, an all-in-one app, rewarded accreditation against the Smart Building Certification framework as we continue to work together with Smart Building Collective for a more efficient, smarter, and better way of utilising the built environment.
Bisner rewarded accreditation against the SBC
"We revolutionise the way people work and create smarter, more productive workplaces. With our new partner Smart Building Collective, we are expanding our network and supporting buildings to become future-proof .” - Stefan van der Werf, Founder at Bisner

The partnership between Bisner and Smart Building Collective is made to help real estate show its positive impact on people and the environment. Our technology and SBC research criteria will help building managers deliver a great user experience, meet sustainability standards, and maximise cost efficiency which are indicators of future-proofing of buildings. By measuring building usage, performance, and environment; health, safety, and security; user behavior and collaboration; integrative design and connectivity buildings can be certified to meet ESG norms, which is an outgoing topic nowadays. 

“The progress that Bisner is making is truly inspiring. The industry is looking for strong leadership to pave the way and show everyone not only how to build a smart building but will take ownership and responsibility for the process. Bisner is leading these discussions through their tech stack and the functionality that it provides. How they have integrated with complementary solutions is not just a story, but full integration and interface adaptation into the users' app.” - Nicholas White, Co-Founder of Smart Building Collective

SBC and Bisner are going to focus our partnership on three primary areas.

  1.  Proving the power of collaboration and community and quantifying the value
  2. Sharing case studies to showcase not only technology but also the value and innovation you can create from them
  3.  And finally, research, which brings the hypothesis to life through scientific data and proven metrics.

Are you interested in learning more about collaboration between Bisner and Smart Building Collective and how to create a cost-effective, sustainable and future-proof smart building infrastructure? Feel free to reach out to request your demo.


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