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Bisner and Toogethr combine technologies for smarter offices

November 30, 2022
ROTTERDAM AND UTRECHT - November 8, 2022 - Bisner, the ultimate workplace application, announces a partnership with Toogethr, a sustainable mobility and parking platform for business users. Previously the work environment and the trip to the office were often seen as two separate themes, but now it is becoming clear that they are linked. 
Bisner and Toogethr combine technologies for smarter offices

Integrating Bisner's all-in-one workplace app and Toogethr's innovative parking technology optimises the workplace environment for tenants, employees, and guests. The collaboration makes welcoming guests into the building easier and more efficient by controlling everything through one centralised place, the all-in-one Workplace app in Bisner. 

“A key reason for Bisner to partner with Toogethr is the additional mobility to our existing workplace solution. Implementation of Toogethr's parking system in our app ensures automation in the parking process and makes the availability of parking facilities more transparent. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we can offer our customers a smart solution that creates a seamless experience for employees and visitors from entry to exit.” - Stefan van der Werf, founder of Bisner

Why are Toogethr and Bisner a good match? Both have developed a platform that focuses on optimally facilitating the employee's customer journey, whether it takes place in the office or on the way there. Adding Toogethr’s solution in the Bisner app gives landlords an automated tool for parking and workplace management while tenants have complete autonomy and control in planning their workday. It makes it possible to reserve parking spaces in addition to workplaces and meeting rooms and to enter the parking lot with license plate recognition. As a result, the app guarantees the best workplace experience for all members inside and outside the office.

“With the all-in-one Bisner App, you as a business tenant or individual employee benefit from one central app with intuitive functionalities in the field of meeting and workplace reservation, reception of guests, and streamlined communication. Toogethr facilitates employers in mobility solutions for employees, where the need for sustainable, efficient transport to and from the office is optimised. Our collaboration is aimed at creating the most efficient working day for every employee or guest in an ideal working environment. ” - Rick Joosten, CCO of Toogethr

Do you want to know how the collaboration of Bisner's Workplace app and Toogethr's smart parking management system make a difference within organisations where employees have an increasing need for overview, clarity, and control? Reach out to request your demo.


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