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Bisner Joins Smart Building Certification Ecosystem

April 19, 2022
ROTTERDAM and AMSTERDAM—March 10, 2022—Today Bisner announced it joined the Smart Building Certification Ecosystem.
Bisner Joins Smart Building Certification Ecosystem

Smart Building Certification and Bisner are going to focus our partnership in three primary areas. 1.) Proving the power of collaboration and community and quantifying the value 2.) We will share case studies to not only showcase technology but the value and innovation you can create from them 3.) And finally, research, bring hypotheses to life through scientific data and proven metrics.

Smart Building Certification is pleased to welcome Bisner to the ecosystem to work together on improving the world through community, culture, and collaboration. 

“We are beyond excited to be working with Bisner to enhance and improve the usage of spaces by bringing focus towards community and collaboration. Their state of the art technologies create the intersection between humans and real estate to unlock value and innovation that is previously unseen and unrealized.” - Nicholas White, Co Founder Smart Building Certification 
"We revolutionise the way people work and create smarter, more productive workplaces. With our new partner Smart Building Certification, we are expanding our network and supporting buildings to become future-proof .” - Stefan van der Werf, Founder at Bisner

About Bisner
Bisner’s cloud-based SaaS solution offers the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the modern workforce. We support coworking spaces as well as shared office spaces, corporates and campuses worldwide with the perfect tool to make the transition to a hybrid work environment simple and easy. Our user-friendly app allows employees to arrange everything for their working day, from access to the office to reserving a workplace and connecting with others in the building.

About Smart Building Certification
Smart Building Certification was founded in February 2020 as an initiative to establish an honest and independent platform that appraises buildings all around the globe on the basis of how smart they are. The Smart Building Certification is: ‘Founded in Science, refined in practice and constantly optimised by our network of experts’. The certification has a strong foundation in academic research and partnerships as well as what is growing to be the largest collaborative ecosystem within the smart building space.

Bisner Contact:

Kelly Kiraly

Smart Building Certification Contact:

Nicholas White 

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