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June Product Update

July 8, 2022
In this blog we’d like to share our recent product updates including a new room booking overview, cancel policies, public events, and much more.
June Product Update

What’s New:

New room booking overview

That makes it easier to organise and plan a workday. This new daily view design shows all meeting rooms and their reservations at a glance.  The new design allows users to quickly:

  • Create new reservations for themselves and others
  • Drag and drop reservations to another moment of the day
  • Use drag and drop to change the start and/or end time of reservations

Cancel policies

Ensure room efficiency and reduce revenue loss using cancel policies. Implementing cancel policies helps avoid last-minute cancellations and nurtures people to become more aware of space usage. It is possible to adjust cancel policies per member roles and for external people (not members yet). 

Public events

From now on you can share your events with people outside your community without the need to create them on another event platform. Allow people to attend events without first creating an account and use the platform to invite them and keep track of the attendees. 


Provide your members with an additional tool to find all information they need. This functionality will help them find answers to questions fast and easily. 

Check our other improvements:


  • Manage your parking space usage 


  • Update the time/ date of reservations
  • When using credits, disable the credit option for specific meeting rooms
  • Allow members to pay for bookings using Mollie and Stripe or on an invoice in combination with credits 
  • Email improvements 

Service request updates

  • Assign requests automatically to a specific person based on the request’s category - for example, all requests about cleaning will be automatically assigned to the cleaning department and notified. 
  • Set specific category requests on a default priority - for example, internet-related requests should always be a high priority as it is indispensable for tenants to work.


  • Navigation improvement in the public area
  • Update editor in text fields company and event
  • Email improvement

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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