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Providing a Safe and Coordinated Workplace

March 2, 2021
After almost six months of working from home and endless Google Meetups, numerous workplaces are starting to reopen and allow tenants to return. However, just like any other setting (universities, gyms, restaurants), offices have their own unique regulations that tenants need to obey in order to prioritise safety and hygiene whilst returning. This includes maintaining social distance and keeping a coordinated environment. As stated on our previous blog, this can be done efficiently using the help of technology. Tools can be utilised in a setting where there are countless organisations and tenants under one building, including big companies, shared offices, and coworking settings. Technologies can coordinate the use of the facilities like meeting rooms, desks, kitchen, and common areas. Using solutions like Bisner, this can be performed with ease.
Providing a Safe and Coordinated Workplace

Building Management

Using Bisner’s features, in-office coordination will be improved among tenants. The room booking feature makes reserving facilities easier in the building. When one wants to book a meeting room or a desk, they can see which places are available and reserve directly. Members can book using their laptop, phone, or even in front of the doorstep. This way, coordination with others will be clear and avoid miscommunication or double booking. Tenants can also reserve facilities based on a specific time slot in order to maintain capacity inside. In addition, a 30-minute time slot can be reserved after using a room for the cleaning service to disinfect the area before the next batch enters. In order to maintain hygiene, Bisner also has a service maintenance feature to report unhygienic places and request cleaning on the spot. Members in the office can track the progress until the room is ready to be used again.

Informed Community

Communication is key to keep everyone informed. With Bisner, tenants in the building can be connected under one application. The activity feed can contain all the necessary information together. The interest group is complementary to the former since it can create a specific “group” segment for health purposes. Tenants in this group can share news and updates, including health articles, safety measures, hygiene reminders, and other tips to maintain a healthy office. In addition, with the chat feature, people who are using the desks/rooms can communicate easier instead of walking towards each other. This way, movements inside the building will be minimised and distancing can be maintained.  

Since Covid-19 has not disappeared yet, safety should still be a top priority for the near future. Using Bisner’s features, companies can welcome tenants safely and maintain a healthy working environment for the next couple of months.

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