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Tips: How to make your office building appealing to new tenants

August 26, 2022
Tips: How to make your office building appealing to new tenants

In the commercial property industry, it is vital to offer an attractive product and always aim for the extra mile. Today we are going to share with you some tips on how to make your office building attractive to tenants. 

  1. The infrastructure and location

It is important to know what type of tenants you are aiming for to improve the demand. For example, the newer generation expects easy access to public transportation, bicycle routes nearby, and hub spots. More conservative tenants will seek to avoid traffic, easy parking, and develop infrastructure around for outside business meetings.

Other features that should not be overlooked are lighting, heating and ventilation, air-conditioning, windows, and plumbing as all types of tenants are keeping their eye on these.   

  1. Sustainability

Modern businesses are thinking about ecology, which can sometimes be the deciding factor when choosing their future office. 

Rental properties usually use a large amount of energy and produce a significant amount of waste material, causing a negative impact on the environment. In order to fulfill your tenants' environmental concerns while also reducing operational costs and carbon impact, we strongly recommend that commercial properties adopt ecologically friendly methods. These methods can start with smaller things - recycling systems, bike storage, energy-efficient lightning, etc. 


  1. Amenities

By including facilities that are practical for potential tenants, you can improve the appeal of your business property. To begin, change the room's layout, and think about the design of the space - make it more interesting to a specific group of tenants by letting in natural light, adhering to a theme, and changing the wall colors. In order to make the right choices regarding the changes, it is important to comprehend the market sector you wish to target.

For instance, for those searching for business spots that are practical yet trendy, the mix of common areas (such as a community fitness center) and tech features are particularly intriguing. Also, think of features like an integrated Wi-Fi mesh network, built-in gigabit ethernet wiring, and a smart working app that helps manage the day in the office. 


  1. Social and relaxation areas

Socialising and networking are one of the key factors why people want to go to the offices. That’s why make sure you have social and vibrant spaces in your modern workplace. Provide the tenants with relaxed meeting spaces, quiet zones, kitchens, coffee areas, and places for games such as football or table tennis. The layout of your building should give possibilities to accommodate these options. Add some touch of nature - huge windows, plants, outside open-air spaces - this will help to keep a happier and healthier workspace environment. 

  1. Parking space

Parking is just as important as the office space itself. No one wants to travel by car or bicycle and face the problems of finding a place to leave their transport. Simply adding a parking space nowadays is not enough: car plate recognition, a strong security system, barriers around the parking space, parking lines, spots for bicycles - these perks will make your property more attractive. But you can go even further - rent out bikes (owned by you or rented from a bike rental) for your tenants to use and share. This will highlight that you not only care about the comfort of your tenants but also about nature!

  1. Security

Building security is what you also need to focus on. Tenants don’t want to always think of closing the doors, be stressed or concerned about who is allowed to enter the building, etc. And even if tenants are responsible for the security of their own office spaces, you still need to check that the property is secured. For this, CCTV cameras and other additional security measures should be installed and integrated. Depending on how the property is laid out and how large it is, you might also want to take the extra precaution of hiring security guards. Add some lockers that tenants can leave their staff in.

Also, don’t forget about health and safety standards within the buildings. Make sure that your tenants are aware of how to be protected while they are using your property. 

  1. Engagement with the tenants

Be in touch with your tenants so that they feel cared for and that they are welcomed on your property. Provide weekly newsletters about the offices, improvements, new cafes, or hubs opened. Inform about additional green and clean measures you implemented that help sustainability or new technologies that are in use. Give them ideas about other tenants in the building and new interesting places that are opening nearby. All this will make them more sticky to you.  

  1. Technology

Smart technologies can boost the property’s tenant appeal. Using smart, wireless technologies and connectivity mean that working spaces can become ever more efficient, and this efficiency is attractive to businesses. Online booking systems, smart locks, security systems, screens - all these are part of the best strategy for attracting new tenants. Simplify the work experience for tenants with a smart and connected app that brings all technologies into one.  

To sum up - the new generation of tenants are looking not only for the cost and location of the building they rent but for amenities and technologies. They want the place to be sustainable, green, inspiring for creativity, and high technology. 

Using software like Bisner which is partnering with other innovative proptech businesses helps companies digitalise their workspace, and to enhance the workplace experience for tenants and employees.‍

If you have any experiences you would love to share with us contact us at or try out Bisner requesting your demo!

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