Promote opportunities for members to grow, network and share innovative ideas.

Your community calendar.

All your community events in one centralised calendar. Let your members see all upcoming and past events, and always know what’s happening in their community.

Have full control over your community calendar. Use permissions and roles to determine who can create and add new events.
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Bisner Events

A connected community.
Both online and offline.

Create a more connected community. With Community Events, it’s easier than ever to organise and promote opportunities for members to connect face-to-face.

Empower networking and collaboration, and provide the perfect platform to support growth.
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Trusted by companies worldwide
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Effective event management.

With flexible configurations, our events tool is perfect for managing and organising all your community events.

RSVP options

Make it easy to RSVP. Let members simply click the ‘attend event’ button or link it to an external RSVP site/application.

Attendees overview

Have a full overview of all attendees, for both current and past events. Always know exactly who attended or plans to attend.

Event information

Provide all necessary information. Add event descriptions, details, pricing and any relevant links.

Upload images

Attract more attention and interest by adding photos to events. Or use images to visually share information.
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Bisner Events

Better event promotion.

Increase the success of events. Reach more members by promoting events on the community newsfeed and using mobile push notifications.

Make sure everyone stays informed about changes. Simply post new updates and information to the event feed, or use the feed to ask attendees for feedback.
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