The perfect solution for a powerful community.

Empower collaboration with Bisner Community. Discover our all-in-one community solution.

Perfect for your coworking space.

Provide extra value to your members with an online community platform. Bisner Community is perfect for supporting growth and taking your coworking space to the next level.

Easily facilitate networking, collaboration and learning with one flexible and smart platform. Allow your members to always find, connect and communicate with the right people.
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Bisner Community
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For a more connected workplace.

Create a better work culture, with more engaged and connected employees. Empower collaboration and help your team build trust, as well as form meaningful relationships.

With Bisner Community, you can increase the flexibility and productivity of your workplace. Easily facilitate efficient communication, whilst having a centralised platform for your all resources and information.
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Discover Bisner Community

Facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

With Interest Groups and File Manager, Bisner Community helps empower strong collaboration and efficient resource sharing.
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Community for better business clubs.

With Bisner Community, you can uplift your business club's success by providing amazing member experience.

Empower professional connections and meaningful business relations. Provide your members with a centralised platform to easily communicate and grow their network.
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Bisner Community

Perfect for any type of community.

Whether you want to connect your team or build a coworking community, Bisner Community can help you. Flexible features and settings allow for a fully tailored solution to suit your changing needs.

Customisable configurations

Enable the features you want and configure your platform according to your community’s needs.

Whitelabel mobile app

Your own fully branded application. Accessible to your whole community via their favourite App store.

Community experience

Build a strong relationship between your brand and community. Boost your brand image and develop positive brand associations.

Permissions and roles

Have full control over your community platform with roles and permission settings. Easily manage what members can see and do.

Push notifications

Make sure everyone stays connected and up to date. With push notifications, your community will never miss important information or activities.

Supporting growth

Expand your community internationally and grow your member base instantly.  Allow new members to easily join your community.
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