Get your Workplace Safe and Ready for the Reopening

All the features you need to make room booking more efficient.

Improve members' room booking experience, make administrative tasks easier to handle and make sure you don't miss out on revenue.

Meeting Room Scheduling Solution

Increase productivity in your workplace for both your staff and members with a platform where they can easily manage all meeting rooms and reservations.

Overview of reservations

Simple and easy to find and manage all your reservations in the platform

Clear availability

See at one glance which meeting rooms are available to save you from the hassle

Booking reminder

Help you members reminding them when their meeting is about to start

Private bookings

Offer your members the privacy they deserve by allowing them to reserve meeting rooms without others knowing the specific details.

Booking credits

An easier way to manage and limit your members booking by assigning them a set of credits

Extended meeting room settings

Be in control of how each meeting room is being used and determine who/when and for how long members can book.

Meeting Room Scheduling on Mobile

Offer your members the flexibility to reserve meeting rooms from anywhere at any time, making room booking accessible 24/7.

Manage reservations

Stay on top on your past and upcoming reservations and remove reservations when your meetings get cancelled.

Quick and easy booking

With simply a few clicks you have found an available meeting room and reserved it.

Find a meeting room

Use the search criteria to find a meeting room at a specific time that meet your requirements.

Meeting room details

Know what the meeting room has to offer before you reserve it.

Instant booking or reserve

Check the meeting room list to see what is available at the moment and book now, or make a future reservation.

Manage rooms, locations and resources

Create and customize your booking system in a way that best works for your workplace's structure.

Units and floors

Stay in control of your workplace and organize your meeting rooms according to units and floors of your workplace to get a better overview

Add locations

Enable the locations module and make sure you are on top of everything that is going on regardless of the physical distances.

Meeting Room Display

Prevent miscommunications and unexpected visitors during the meetings with the display showing the meeting rooms' availability at a glance.

Real time availability

See instantly when a meeting room is available to save you from the embarrassment of interrupted meetings.

Book at the door

Allow your members to book the room instantly from the display without the need to go all the way back to your desktop

Coloured status

Even from a distance you will be able to quickly see the availability of a meeting room based on the display's colour.

Remaining time

It doesn't only show the current availability, but also when it will be available again and what other reservations are scheduled for the day.


Get rid of the no-shows or ghost meetings and give others the opportunity to book the meeting after the check-in period has passed.

End meeting

Sometimes members reserve meeting rooms for longer than need and this functionality allows you to get the most out of your resources.

Meeting Room Analytics

Learn from useful data and insights about meeting room usage, members' behaviour and booking patterns to make better decision that lead to efficient resource allocation.

Member usage

Get to know your members and use this data to learn who the biggest booker or simply to make your administrators tasks much easier.

Meeting room usage

Analyse these insights to find out what is the most popular meeting room for your members and know where to focus your efforts for improvements

Export data

All available data insights can be exported in files to keep your administration details up to date or to use it to invoice your members

Compare data

Use the insights to compare periods of time to analyse and to help you make your workplace more productive and efficient.

External Calendar Integrations

Don't worry about members using different calendars and email domains, because with these integrations they can seamlessly use it with Bisner.

Outlook API

Manage your Bisner reservations directly from your Outlook without the need to switch to Bisner to make adjustments to reservations.

Google calendar

Allow your meeting room reservations in Bisner to sync with your Google Calendar, and have it all in one overview

Outlook add-in

Save time and make planning a meeting much easier directly from your Outlook

iCal feed

Manage all your calendars from your Bisner account and eliminate the complexity of running multiple applications to check your full agenda.


Save your reservation details directly into your calendars.

Public Room Booking

Increase revenue with Public Room Booking and offer an easy and quick booking process for guests.

One payment on-site

Make sure your guests can pay directly for booking a meeting room

Guest bookings

Get the most out of your meeting rooms and allow guests to book meeting rooms without being tide to a membership

Sell Amenities

Add amenities to the public booking process to provide your guests the meeting room booking experience.

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