Room Display.

Smart and interactive room displays to take your meeting rooms to the next level.

Bisner Meeting Room Display
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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Get the most out of your meeting rooms.

Improve your space efficiently and office experience by optimising the use of meeting rooms.  With flexible setup and customisation, Bisner Room Display is perfect for any type of workplace. Suitable for both smaller offices, and workplaces with multiple buildings and locations.

Real-time room availability

Prevent meeting interruptions. The colour of displays changes according to room availability, easily indicating whether a room is occupied or free to enter.

Updated room schedule and remaining time

See the remaining meeting time and booking schedule via a room’s display. Schedules update regularly and are synchronised with web and mobile bookings.

Room booking

Booking made simple. Directly and instantly reserve a meeting room from the room’s display.

Meeting check-in and cancellation

Prevent ghost meetings. Enable check-ins and automatic cancellation to ensure room availability in cases of no-show.

End reservations

Free up rooms and ensure space optimisation. Allow members to end their reservation if meetings finish earlier than planned.

Meeting extension

Have full control over your meeting. Easily extend your meeting with a single click, if scheduling allows.

Seamlessly integrates with your favourite tools.

Flexible. Simple. Smart. Bisner Room Display connects with the tools you already use to create the most seamless and user-friendly experience possible.
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