Meeting Room Booking.

The most user-friendly room booking tool for any type of workplace.

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Trusted by workplaces worldwide
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Enhance the office experience.

Modernise the office and maximise the value of your meeting rooms. Enhance the workplace experience, as well as increase flexibility and autonomy.

Push notifications

Never miss another meeting. Receive confirmations and friendly reminders directly on your mobile device or email.

Connected calendars

Connects with your preferred calendar for an integrated and seamless booking experience.

Search preferences

Let us do the work for you. Quickly find a suitable room to match your needs using search preferences.

Guest bookings

Allow guests to book certain meeting rooms without giving them full access to your office systems.

Book anywhere. Anytime

We know how important it is to facilitate easy room booking for an efficient and flexible workplace.

Now, with Meeting Room Booking, everyone can book rooms from the palm of their hand with our user-friendly mobile app.
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Perfect for you.

Whether you have a small workplace, co-working space or multiple office buildings, we offer a customised booking solution to fit your needs.

Available as a stand alone application on both your smartphone and web browser or as part of Bisner Workplace.
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Discover Bisner Workplace

Room categorisation

Divide your meeting rooms into categories according to their purpose for a better organised workplace.

Booking credits

Use booking credits for easy payment management or to simply ensure fair resource distribution.

Booking settings and restrictions

Have full control over who and when rooms can be booked. Utilise a wide range of available settings for easy workspace management.

Insights and analytics

Get in-depth insight and up-to-date information about room usage and reservations. Optimise your space and manage resources using data.
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